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Another Layer Is Additional Protection, Get The Best Roof With Roof Re-Roofing Philadelphia

Re-roofing adds a new layer of shingles on top of already existing ones to recover. This process is also called layover roofing. What we will do is that we will place another layer of shingles over the existing roof. If your roof is in overall good status and has no significant water damage, missing or soggy shingles or your contractor has deemed it unnecessary to remove your roof entirely, and this is the right path for you to go to Roof Re-Roofing Philadelphia.

What are the advantages of re-roofing?

Stronger Support. You are putting a layer of strength to your roof by adding a second layer of shingles. When it comes to harsh storms, you do not want to underrate the damage caused. Re-roofing helps supply additional security over your home to help keep essential Roof Repair Philadelphia PA at bay.

Cosmetic Facelift. Many shingle roofs have become faded or dull looking over the years. By overlaying a new layer of shingles not only makes your roof more durable but also gives it a refurbishment. It brings your roof back to new life. This provides your roof that "new roof" look, improving your home's attractiveness and curbside charm.

It is Quick and Very Easy To Do. The re-roofing method is quite simple because there is no taking out of the first layer of shingles. There is just the installing of the second layer. This makes for several fewer steps in the procedure. This creates a re-roofing job that goes much faster than totally beginning from scrap.

It is Inexpensive. It makes this process far less pricey than a total roof overhaul. Since it takes far less time and messes to get the job done, you can have a new, new-looking roof for way less money than you had paid to roof your home initially.

Best Roofer Philadelphia PA

Nowadays, the task of re-roofing is adequately simple and can be completed in a few days. There's a wide variety of materials, colors, and services available at affordable prices:

  • An Earthquake damaged roofs – switching with lightweight, long-run steel for advanced earthquake safety
  • Steel roofs – fix and renewed old corroded
  • Rusted or steel roofing
  • Tile or asbestos roofs – remove and change asbestos and heavy, old-style tiles with lightweight steel

Suppose your roof has expired or reached the end of its lifespan. Your shingles will only have one layer. If re-roofing the only best choice for you and your budget, you should note that you are only repairing one side of the roof or the damaged ones resulting that this will look uneven and will be noticeable. A new roof is also an excellent choice for you looking for peace of mind knowing your house is brand new and protecting your home and family.

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Roofline offers an extensive range of modern, lightweight steel re-roofing products pre-painted with ColorCote that will not only look remarkable but will also provide decades of protection for your most significant and most priceless asset. Our excellent, experienced and qualified team at Roof Re-Roofing Philadelphia can supply and install a broad type of re-roofing products on domestic and business assets.

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