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Why Clean your Roof?

The roof protects building structures and the people inside against any forms of weather conditions and natural elements. With a sturdy and well-maintained roofing structure, you are confident that you are protected, and your roofs can last long. However, cleaning your roof once in a while is the key to achieving long-lasting structural roofs. Here are the benefits you can get from cleaning your roofs.

  • Cleaning the roof can help unclogged or removed debris such as fallen leaves, branches, and accumulated dust that may cause your roof water drainage to be blocked. Accumulated dust and other debris can turn to harden mud as times go by. If the water gets stuck on the roof pipes, it may badly damage the roof, causing it to leak, affecting your house's other structures and frames.
  • Roof cleaning prevents damages that may take quite some amount of money and time to fix. The growth of mildew and molds is also inevitable if roofs are left unmaintained for a longer time.
  • It is also an excellent way to check your house Roof Inspection Philadelphia PA structure if other damages need to be fixed or replaced, especially for structures that are primarily made of wood.
  • Cleaning the roofs also contributes to the achievement of proper and comfortable temperatures within the house. It is advantageous in conserving energy within the home.
  • If you are planning on selling your house, cleaning it might help in increasing its resale value.
Best Roofer Philadelphia PA

Different Roof Cleaning Methods by Roof Cleaning Philadelphia

Cleaning services are available if ever you decide to give the job to professional roof cleaners. It is an excellent idea to let professional roof cleaners complete the task for your convenience. Cleaning is a laborious physical job that requires skills and expertise from professionals.  Roofers Philadelphia PA  has different methods and approaches depending on the request of the clients or what is appropriate for the current condition of the building structures. To give you an idea about Roof Cleaning Philadelphia's method, check these out.

1. High-Pressure Roof Washing

This type of roof washing method requires using a water pressurizing machine to power wash hardened dirt and stains on your roof. A hose or tube is connected to the machine and is directly aimed at the areas that need washing. However, this method does not always apply to all types of roofs. It is highly suggested that this power washing should not be used for tile or brick roofs.

2. Chemical and Non- Pressurised Roof Washing

It involves the usage of stain-removing chemicals such as sodium hydroxide or lye. Chemicals are explicitly used for algae and lichens removal. Make sure to use chemicals carefully and moderately as it may cause dead spots in some areas.

3. Low-Pressure Roof Washing

Low-pressure wash is applicable for structural roofs that are quite sensitive to intense and heavy pressure. Roof damages due to high pressure can be avoided. This method also works well with roofs that are not heavily stained with dirt and other debris.

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